MAHUT Israel
MAHUT Israel ( which established in the 90th, is an nonprofit association of professionals from various fields who came together with a clear mission to enhance resilience in Israel, by providing a comprehensive view of the continuum between trauma and resilience, and looking upon all circles of influence upon the individual.
MAHUT Israel provides services and solutions for individuals, communities, organizations, and municipalities on a wide range to fields:
  • Enhancing resilience and Emergency preparedness
MAHUT Israel is engaged in developing strategies, trainings and tools to enhance resilience, by formulating and assimilating of emergency preparedness plans at all levels: community, organizational, municipal and national. MAHUT Israel has gained extensive experience in the field of emergency preparedness and resilience through it works in dozens of municipalities, NGOs, institutions, organizations and communities across Israel.
MAHUT Israel approach to emergency preparedness and resilience relates not only to statutory organizations and formal position holders but also to the non formal leadership, and to the unique characteristics of people and organizations.
  • Group and the individual in the face of trauma
At emergency times the group has the power to heal itself and to strengthen the resilience various circles – The personal, the group and the community.
A group intervention and work strengthens the sense of belonging, "I'm not alone", increases the cohesion of the group, learning from the successes of others in the group and strengthen coping efficacy.
MAHUT Israel collaborates with Welfare departments and Psychological Services to train local volunteers for emergency clinical intervention with trauma victims, relieving stress symptoms and fighting prolong PTSD symptoms.
MAHUT Israel practice clinical care for trauma victims, following various emergency situations – Car accidents, Terror attack, War and more.
  • Development and Resilience of Educational systems.
Community educational leadership team is a unique opportunity to positively impact the growth process of adolescents, cultivating the commitment and responsibility of the community leadership and of parents.
In addition, Training the community educational leadership for emotional and professional intervention on possible emergency situations (Ranging from rape victims to National emergencies), strengthen the continuities of the adolescents and the community – thus raising the chance for a quicker recovery.
  • Community Development
In recent years, many communities in the Israel undergo different changes: privatization of kibbutzim, expansions of once small communities, economic crises, social crises and displacement of communities.
What characterizes and distinguishes MAHUT Israel in community work is its focus on community identity and resilience - Refining the core values of the community, strengthening the social capital, leveraging 'The wisdom of the crowd'. MAHUT Israel Assist communities in managing crises and conflicts, creating a community dialogue processes, and in establishing Community emergency and resilience teams.
MAHUT Israel is involved with its customers not only during time of preparedness and prevention, but also stand-by them and assist during emergency times, and the rehabilitation phase which follows.
MAHUT Israel employs senior organizational consultants (many of high-ranking officers in the reserves of the Israeli Home Front Command), therapists, social workers, clinical psychologists – all are experts for developing individual and community resilience, and are considered the best professionals in Israel. Many of them also have wide international experience. All the consultants are university graduates, with master's and doctoral degrees.
For information on training, emergency preparedness, professional aid for individuals and communities after emergency situations, and for  Community Development please contact us:  
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